2019 Church Committees

Committee Chairman*

Deacon Representative#

Executive: Steve Schrotenboer*, Dave Huizenga, Pastor Stephen Terpstra, Wayne Geurink, Jamie Meppelink, and Cory Dys

Building and Grounds: Kirk Kraai*#, Rob Overway, Jack Busscher, Brandon LaRosa, Harris Overway, John Flokstra, Ryan Bruink, Bette Morren, and Nancy Krol

Christian Awareness: Jeff Machiela*, Larry and Rose Redder, Sherri De Roo, Ter Sterk, and Anna Machiela

Communications: Jim Gruppen*, Rick Haak#, Deb Haak, Paul Geurink, Brent Mohr, Andy Mitchell, and Chris Sievers

Education: Bill Broekhuizen*, Sandy Geurink, Deb Huizenga, Pastor Stephen Terpstra, and Melanie Engelsman Sunday School Superintendents: Tim and Teresa Vander Zwaag

Fellowship: Keith Bonnes*, Paul Geurink#, Pastor Stephen and Christine Terpstra, Ruth Tolsma, Mary Nienhuis, and Brian and Tammy Walters

Home and World Missions: Ken Austhof*, Mike Gruppen#, Deb Austhof, Bill and Jody Broekhuizen, and Ruth Essenburg.

Community Outreach: John Tolsma*, Floyd Machiela#, Jer and Bev Machiela, Kevin and Brenda Hansen, Tammy Walters, Bob Brunink, Jack and Luanne Busscher, Tim and Teresa Vander Zwaag, Terry and Tonya Bosch, and Juan and Bridgett Sarmiento

Public Worship: Pastor Stephen Terpstra*, Brent Mohr#, Cal Brandsen, Phyllis Alferink, jan Gruppen, Les Luurtsema, and Pam Gruppen